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Here are some Frequently Asked Questions that you may find useful.

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What is Memory foam?

Memory foam was originally developed for the American space industry to provide increased comfort and pressure relief to astronauts. This is a remarkable new material which shapes to fit, eases pressure on the body and delivers support and comfort. When exposed to the heat and weight of the body, the foam reacts by softening up and shaping itself to the outline of the body, offering optimum support and pressure relief. The body sinks into the foam until the weight is distributed evenly to the entire supporting surface.
The Kozeesleep Memory Foam range (for more memory foam products see New Models and Accessories) provides the most luxurious and calming nights rest through the use of “visco-elastic” technology.

What preventive measure can be taken against dust mites?

The Kozeesleep Mattress Protector is comfortable, made from quality polycotton cover and 100% polyester filling which is non iron, easy to fit, and cool in the summer, warm in the winter. Virtually, it inhibits bacteria and dust mites breeding in your mattress. Quite simply, no hay fever or asthma sufferer should neglect to fit this superb anti-allergenic aid.

What is a Platform Top base?

Platform bases contain no springs and the mattress is resting on a solid platform. This solid top of a divan base adds to the overall  firmness of the sleep system.

What is a Sprung Edge base?

A Sprung Edge base will soften the feel of a very firm mattress and has the same number of springs as Bonnell mattress unit of the same size. The springs of a sprung edge base are on top of the base which is like having two mattresses next to each other. This makes the sleep system quite soft at the edges and one should not sit on the edge of a spring edge base if it can be avoided.

What is a Firm Edge base?

A Firm Edge base consists of heavy gauge springs inside the base frame which are fastened to wooden lats and then cross-webbed to tightly hold the springs in place. These cross-webbed springs are usually just above the top of the frame so when the mattress is put on the base and body weight is out on them the springs ‘give’ slightly and mattress rests on the edge of the frames supported by the firm spring unit under the mattress. This makes a comfortable sleep system a little firmer than a sprung edge system.